What I do

Hey there, my name is Shride and I’m a “Map-Creator” in Fortnite Creative. I build games based on props, structures and settings that are already defined within Fortnite. This means that I can build almost every game mode imaginable and share them with the world – and the options are endless.

There are a lot of talented creators out there, but what makes me unique is my competitive experience, my skill in business and marketing and having worked in Fortnite Creative since its launch in 2018. When I’m creating games I’m thinking just as much about how it’s presented outside Fortnite.

My History

I have been building in Fortnite Creative since the very start in the early access days. Epic Games rolled out Creative mode along with a building contest – encouraging creators to share their best creations. At this time, I was in college working on an exam project, but I decided to dedicate a few days to work on my submission. Unfortunately, my submission was never picked but I quickly realized the seemingly unlimited potential of Fortnite Creative.

Building Maps for YouTubers

As soon as I had finished my contest submission, I reached out to YouTubers and influencers. I sent Crainer (4.8M YouTube subscribers) an e-mail pitching 4 different game mode ideas that he could use for his videos. Luckily, he was interested in one of them. I created that game mode in Fortnite, he played and uploaded it and the video performed very well. This was the first map of many to come…

Building maps started to take up all of my time, and I decided to give this newfound passion for Fortnite Creative an honest chance. I quit college in April 2019 and told my friends that I had this dream that I needed to pursue…

The Fortnite World Cup

I continued to build multiple maps a week for Crainer & SSundee until June 2019. This is when I was chosen by Epic Games to participate in the Fortnite Game Jam as 1 of 16 creators. Together with the other talented builders, we created maps for the Fortnite Creative World Cup, which had a total prize pool of $3,000,000.

Team Evolve

After attending the World Cup in August I joined Team Evolve and I’m now working exclusively on taking Fortnite Creative to a professional level with this site being one of the very first Fortnite Creative portfolios in the world.

Can't wait to work with you!